Enjoyment - Golf is a game and it's meant to be fun.  Our practices, lessons, and play days are conducted with the intention of enjoying the process, having a good time, and allowing golf to become a game of a lifetime for each player.

.  Player Development/Improvement - Our goal is to assist each junior in teaching them proper fundamentals, developing skills over technique, and offering playing opportunities so they can learn how to play and ultimately score.  Every junior progresses at different rates and it's important to be patient, positive, and understanding as they work on their improvement.

Inclusion - Any junior is welcome at our academy.  Age, background, or skill level does not matter here.


Family Time - With our two unique junior programs, we offer reasonable time commitments, in house opportunities all year long, junior memberships with each program, and a chance for parents/grandparents/friends to spend time with their loved ones enjoying this wonderful game. 

Indoor Training Safety Update (Winter 2020/21)

Enhanced cleaning practices

Smaller Student/Instructor ratios

Social Distancing at all stations

Hand sanitizing areas throughout indoor academy

Instructors required to wear masks

Our Mission:

If you are looking to take your first swing or wanting to take your game to the next level, our team of Professionals will make sure you are taking the necessary steps towards accomplishing your goals.​


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