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2022-23 ADULT

(December 5th - April 27th)


This 60 minute evaluation will cover all aspects of your game from putting to short game to full swing.  You'll be able to get to know your prospective coach and discuss your goals for the upcoming season.  

We'll review swing video, discuss launch monitor data, and determine the program best suited for your needs.

Take advantage today and figure out what you need to work on to become your BEST!


PLAY BETTER Coaching Programs

Our Play Better programs are designed for players looking to lower their handicap and improve consistency.


The 3 & 5 month plans include a game assessment, consistent lessons with your coach, and practice time in our revamped Indoor Performance Center at the Academy. 

Join us today and PLAY BETTER golf!


Private/Individual Lesson Packages

Looking for a private lesson or series?  Our lesson packages are just for you.  Join us at the Smart Golf Academy this winter and learn what needs improved to play at your best.


Each Full Swing lesson includes:

  • FlightScope Analysis

  • SkyTrak for distance measurements

  • Video Recording

  • OnForm App for communication & video feedback

B. Smart Golf Schools

With Winter being the best time to improve at golf, our B. Smart Golf Schools are the perfect place to ensure you play better in 2023.  I invite you to let me help you with your game.  Commit to real training and work on your entire skill set with these two hour skill building sessions.  If you know what to work on, you can work on it and make progress.  With only SIX students per school, you'll receive the personal attention needed to lower your scores.  Join me this winter and learn how to play the game!

  • Putting

  • Chipping

  • Swing Mechanics

  • Max Distance Training 

  • Club/Shot Selection

  • ​Advancing the Ball

  • Shot Shaping

  • Skill Set Challenges

  • Routine Development

  • How to Practice


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