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*This program is a private instruction program for competitive juniors Ages 11+.  Any junior looking to play on middle school/high school teams, improve their standing, keep pushing their limits, or simply learn the game their right way will be well served here.  Lessons will consist of identifying and improving upon weaknesses, maintaining strengths, developing a practice plan, measuring progress, and journaling to record improvement and goals. 


In addition, there is a small group option to allow for each instructor to ensure students are working on the right things, encourage players to compete, measure progress, and to facilitate each junior in asking questions and learning from their peers.

Instructors available for this program

Brandon Smart 

Scott Steger

*Details and Registration are below.  If signing up with Brandon, please select Book Now link.  If signing up with Scott, please contact him at 317.809.8771 or


*5 player min., 6 player max
*2 hour sessions
$149/mo. per member (5 or 12 month)
$299/mo. per non-member
*Additional classes will be added once each fills

Winter, SESSION I:
Saturdays, 2-4pm
December 4, Fri., Dec. 10, 4:30-6:30pm, 18th
January 1, 8, 15, 22, 29
February 5, 12, 19, 26
March 5, 12, 19, 26

*5 player min., 5 player max
*1 hour sessions
$79/mo. per member (5 or 12 month)
$149/mo. per non-member
*Sign up in academy

*Available starting mid-January
*Please contact Scott for times


*One hour or two hour

 practice sessions depending on instructor

*Putting, Short Game, Bunker Play, Wedge Play,

Trouble Shots & Course Management will be covered in these sessions.

*Drill work and competitive games


WINTER Semester
$319/mo. per player

*5 Month Program
Nov. 29 - April 30



- 3 hours of private instruction per month

-SGA Indoor Practice Pass

(3 hours per week, 12 hours per month)

- Individual Practice Plan

- 1/2 off small group sessions


1 Player - $279/mo.
($240/mo. prior to November 28)
2 Siblings - $399/mo.
($360/mo. prior to November 28)
3+ Siblings - $499/mo.
($440/mo. prior to November 28)

*10% off if 12 months paid in full

*12 Month Program
Sign up anytime

- 3 hours of private instruction per month 

(lessons will be used for on course playing lessons

 in season)

- SGA Indoor Practice Pass

(3 hours per week, 12 hours per month)

*Individual Practice Plan

*Player Development Competition Days 

 - Sundays in season 

- 1/2 off small group sessions


Our unique Elite Jr. Membership program is designed for competitive golfers ages 11 and up.  Our curriculum is focused on teaching, coaching, and playing for maximum fun and development.  This is the perfect setting for juniors looking to be the best they can be.  A high level of commitment is expected of these players as we work on building their skill set, improving their fundamentals, working on routines, and teaching them how to think for themselves to make appropriate decisions on and off the golf course.  

We pride ourselves in injecting fun into our private sessions and group practices.  Golf is meant to be fun.  There are many distinct skills involved in the game of golf that are a blast to teach and learn, and these will be introduced to players at appropriate times in order to further their development.  

The Elite Jr. Membership is centered on individual lessons so each junior receives set time for individual improvement.  With golf involving so many different possibilities and routes to success, it's imperative that these juniors trust and believe in their respective coach.  

We believe in taking what each junior does well and incorporate expert feedback and keys to help them grow.  Just because a swing may be different does not mean it is not effective.  There are certain uniformed principles we adhere to when teaching these competitive players.  Less is more as these juniors need to ultimately be their own coach.  We hope you'll join us in helping your junior achieve their loftiest goals with the game!



Our Elite program includes private lessons to help guide each junior in recognizing strengths, improving certain weaknesses, and teaching them how to play on the golf course.  We keep information simple and consistent to determine what works best for each junior, what keys to focus on to keep them there, while helping them shave strokes based on found weaknesses on the course.

PLAYING LESSONS (April - September)

Playing lessons are included in our 3 hours of private instruction each month.  We make sure most, if not all, of our 3 hours is on the course when the weather allows for maximum improvement of Golf IQ and scoring.


  We discuss the process of picking the right club for each shot (taking into account lie, wind, and course conditions while helping them make the lowest score possible.  Juniors need to play golf, not golf swing, and our playing lessons are designed to help them do just that.


These juniors receive 3 hours per week of open practice to work on specific drills, compete with their peers, receive expert feedback, ask questions, and practice in a fun, safe environment.  These practices are meant to help each junior become self-sufficient and self-regulate, so they can rely on themselves when the pressure is on. 


The book now link allows you to sign up for small group teaching, private lessons, and weekly open practices from the comfort of your phone.  Don't let that phone run your life though.


Students will be expected to keep stats during appropriate events that'll help us as coaches plan our sessions in a more effective manner.  Learning how to lower each junior's scores will come from this shared information.

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