*Private Instruction 

- (3) hrs. of private instruction per month

(Choose between three (1hr.) lessons or four (45min.) sessions)

*Scheduled through instructor or Book Now page

*Playing Lessons

- Small Group On Course Training will take place in the Summer months

*Indoor Range Practice (Nov. 1-March 31) 

- (16) 1hr. open practices per month/4hrs. per week

- Wednesdays & Saturdays + 2 additional/optional times per week

2 Additional/Optional Times are listed under Open Practice on Book Lessons & Practices tab.

After clicking on Book Lessons & Practices, please select Private Lessons for 1-on-1 instruction and select Groups/Camps/Clinics for Open Practices.  Easiest to book lessons and open practice times from a PC.


*(1) Tournament Observation

- This will take place during outdoor season

*Stat Tracking & Tournament Analysis

*Weekly & Monthly Planning

(1) Parent/Player/Coach meeting

*Spring/PGA Jr./Fall Ryder Cup Leagues

- Our near world famous in house leagues are included in the Smart Jr. Academy program

*Pebble Brook Jr. Membership

- includes a yearly junior golf membership 

*Range Pass

-Unlimited Range Balls

*Club Fitting

- includes (1) free junior club fitting


- Members receive discounts on merchandise at Smart Golf Academy and Pebble Brook Golf Club


*12 month commitment

*Either monthly or in full

$240/mo. for 1 junior

$360/mo. for 2 siblings

$440/mo. for 3+ siblings

20% off for 12 months up front


See link for current seasonal opportunities

*This early pricing will end December 15, 2020.  Register today to take advantage before prices change.  Lock in now!

*After initial payment, you will be invoiced on the 1st of each month for continued participation in program or the Plans and Pricing page is setup for automatic payments.

OFF WEEKS 2020/21:

Dec. 21-27, March 29-April 4, June 28-July 4, August 30-Sept. 5

Elite Monthly (1 Junior)


Elite Monthly (2 Juniors)


Elite Monthly (3+ Juniors)


Elite (1 Junior- 12 Months)


Elite (2 Juniors - 12 Months)


Elite (3+ Juniors - 12 Months)



Our unique Elite Jr. Membership program is designed for competitive golfers ages 11 and up.  Our curriculum is focused on teaching, coaching, and playing for maximum fun and development.  This is the perfect setting for juniors looking to be the best they can be.  A high level of commitment is expected of these players as we work on building their skill set, improving their fundamentals, working on routines, and teaching them how to think for themselves to make appropriate decisions on and off the golf course.  

We pride ourselves in injecting fun into our private sessions and group practices.  Golf is meant to be fun.  There are many distinct skills involved in the game of golf that are a blast to teach and learn, and these will be introduced to players at appropriate times in order to further their development.  

The Elite Jr. Membership is centered on individual lessons so each junior receives set time for individual improvement.  With golf involving so many different possibilities and routes to success, it's imperative that these juniors trust and believe in their respective coach.  

We believe in taking what each junior does well and incorporate expert feedback and keys to help them grow.  Just because a swing may be different does not mean it is not effective.  There are certain uniformed principles we adhere to when teaching these competitive players.  Less is more as these juniors need to ultimately be their own coach.  We hope you'll join us in helping your junior achieve their loftiest goals with the game!



Our Elite program includes private lessons to help guide each junior in recognizing strengths, improving certain weaknesses, and teaching them how to play on the golf course.  We keep information simple and consistent to determine what works best for each junior, what keys to focus on to keep them there, while helping them shave strokes based on found weaknesses on the course.


Small group playing lessons are given once a week during the Summer months.  We discuss the process of picking the right club for each shot (taking into account lie, wind, and course conditions while helping them make the lowest score possible.  Juniors need to play golf, not golf swing, and our playing lessons are designed to help them do just that.


These juniors receive 4 hours per week of open practice to work on specific drills, compete with their peers, receive expert feedback, ask questions, and practice in a fun, safe environment.  These practices are meant to help each junior become self-sufficient and self-regulate, so they can rely on themselves when the pressure is on. 


The book now link allows you to sign up for small group teaching, private lessons, and weekly open practices from the comfort of your phone.  Don't let that phone run your life though.


Each coach will watch their player compete in a tournament or match in 2021.  In order to understand where each junior is wasting shots, we need to see them make decisions and play under pressure.  This will help guide our teaching and ability to relate to each student.


Students will be expected to keep stats during appropriate events that'll help us as coaches plan our sessions in a more effective manner.  Learning how to lower each junior's scores will come from this shared information.


Our job consists of working on the right things at the right time.  To do that, we take notes on each student to better plan our teaching sessions.  Notes are shared with each student so they can prepare properly.


In order to keep lines of communication open, stay on the same page, and to ensure the junior's wants and needs are put first, we will meet to discuss goals, concerns, and plans.


Our too good to be true Spring, Summer PGA Jr., and Fall Ryder Cup leagues are included in the program.  Leagues take place April-September at Pebble Brook Golf Club.


We found it vitally important to include a junior golf membership and unlimited range balls in our program that allows plenty of free play for junior golfers.  It's a great chance for each junior to play more golf, make new friends, and explore the game of a lifetime. 


Jr. Membership Restrictions:

M-TH - Play Anytime

Fri.-Su. & Holidays - Play after 2pm


What good is a program if you are not advised on which clubs to buy for your junior?  Any junior participant receives (1) free club fitting from Mark Mathews, our Master Club Fitter.  Mark will meet with you and your junior personally to come up with a plan that best suits your needs.


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