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Club Fittings

Mark Mathews

Fitting Options and Pricing



$200 The Best Value and the most comprehensive option to take your game to the next level.  This extensive fitting will cover all 14 clubs in your bag and will take several fitting sessions (2 to 3 sessions) to determine the best choices for your complete set.


$60 Junior Ultimate Full Bag Fitting that usually takes 1 session to complete.

$25 We also offer a beginning Junior Fitting that is a basic first fitting that will help the parents make the correct choices for their juniors first set (we encourage the parent to let us help with this important first stage so that the critical golf club weight and flex element as well as club lie angle is done correctly).



$75 The big stick is about power, but also needs to be controlled. We will improve distance and accuracy by helping our clients achieve the best launch and spin characteristics possible.



$75 Improve control & accuracy—spin, launch & lie angles, (includes an iron set loft & lie adjustment).

Wedge fitting

$50 A complete wedge fitting will include individual bounce angle needs, and wedge lie angle adjustments for proper impact, and loft gapping to achieve the best yardage gaps possible.


$50 Fit properly for the launch angle & swing speed. The results of these very important long game clubs will be improved by searching out the best launch and spin characteristics of each of these clubs.


$100 Combine your driver, fairway woods and hybrids.  The same thorough fitting just focused on the long side of your bag.  It usually takes 2 sessions to complete this fitting


$50 The club that is responsible for approximately 40% of your score.  We will guide you thru the steps that will help you make the best personal choices that will allow you to putt your best more often.



Club Building And Repair

Mark Mathews is an expert in all facets of club building, repair and customization. Services offered include:

  • Re-shafting irons and woods

  • Enhancing a Drivers performance by custom fitting and re-shafting

  • Re-gripping and re-sizing the grip size of your clubs

  • Custom Wedge Bounce grinding

  • Swing weighting and reweighting

  • Loft and lie adjustments on all brands and club types

  • Internal weighting using a Hot Melt process for metal wood heads

  • Frequency matching shafts and custom tuning the flex on driver shafts

  • Face angle (Loft adjustments)

  • Ferrule replacement

  • Shaft extension and trimming (shortening a club)

  • Almost anything else that can be done to a club

"The worst thing for golfers is equipment that is too long or too heavy. Please contact Brandon Smart or Mark Mathews for information on how to get clubs that are fit for your child or for you and start playing Smarter golf today." - Mark Mathews

Contact Mark Mathews To Start Your Path To Better Golf Today!


*Phone Number: (317) 714-4392

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