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Individual Coaching


Owner/Director of Instruction - Brandon Smart


Lead Instructor/Former PGA Tour Member

Scott Steger, PGA

All Lessons take place at Pebble Brook Golf Club.   

Outdoor Season - April 5 - September 30

Indoor Season - November 1 - March 31

Brandon Smart Lesson Pricing

Series of 6 - 1hr. lessons - $480

Series of 10 - 1hr. lessons - $700

Scott Steger Lesson Pricing

*Please contact Scott directly for pricing and availability



Scott has been coaching me since the beginning of 6th grade. He has not only helped me grow in the game of golf but also as a person. I love the way Scott coaches because i feel like it is different from many modern day coaches. When I work with Scott we don’t sit there and grind on the range to find the perfect swing, Instead we work on how to actually play the game of golf. Scott has taught me that so much more goes into golf than just the swing aspect of it. We work on course management, and my mental game which i feel has gotten so strong since i have started working with Scott. Not only have i developed a good swing that i feel comfortable with, with Coach Scott’s help, but i can now go out on the course and manage myself without having someone by my side every second to help me choose clubs, and get out of trouble i sometimes get myself into. With the success Scott has found in golf over the past years, he can always relate to the struggles i am having within the game, and always has great advice to help me. Scott has helped me develop a good game,and continues to help me improve more and more every single day. His help has led me to find success in the game this year. I was able to win Conference and Regionals, along with a couple of invitational wins and a 7th place finish in state. Scott has a true passion for helping kids get better every day in the game we love.

- Samantha Brown - 

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