*These are recommended guidelines and not required.  Following these steps will help improve your junior's chances for success based on them as an individual.

Step 1 - Learning Proper Principles

*We encourage each junior to begin with a series of lessons to introduce proper fundamentals in all aspects of the game.  These lessons include on course play, rules and etiquette, code of conduct, and appropriate dress.  It is recommended these juniors take this series each year to help refresh their individual principles.

Cost:  Series of 6 (one hour) lessons

Brandon Smart - $450

Scott Steger - $300

Mark Mathews - $240 

Step 2 - Smart Jr. Academy

Recreational/Team Play & Practices

*The Smart Jr. Academy gives any Beginner or Intermediate junior golfer an opportunity to continue their development by practicing, competing, and playing alongside their friends and peers.  At this stage it is vital each child learns to love the game.  Our focus on enjoyment and improvement will help facilitate each player's desires; however, it is ultimately their choice to take any further step beyond here.

*1 year membership option OR there are (4) seven week sessions for those students with busy schedules or not ready to commit fully to the program.  You may sign up for (1) seven week session at a time.  These programs include:

Winter Jr. Development

Spring Jr. Development

Summer PGA Jr. League

Fall Jr. Ryder Cup

Step 3 - Elite Jr. Academy

*This program is for those juniors looking to make their middle school or high school teams, preparing to improve their standing, or planning on playing in tournaments throughout the year.  This program includes:

Private Lessons

Play Days

Indoor Range Membership

Pebble Brook Jr. Membership & Range