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Which program is right for my junior?

     The core of the Smart Golf Academy consists of six 7-week Skill Building programs (Winter 1, Winter 2, Spring, Summer, Fall 1 & Fall 2).  Each program (semester) has 3 tiers (SGA JR., COMPETITIVE, COMPETITIVE+) defined by age, skill and commitment levels that include 1 or 2 Hour Practices, once or twice a week.  Every program also includes a weekly 9 or 18 Hole PlayDays that will put their skills to the test in fun, friendly, and family oriented competitions.  Our newest COMPETITIVE+ program offers an additional 2 Hour On-Course Private Playing Lesson with Brandon Smart that will cover every aspect of a players game each month.  Each program is now customizable during checkout, allowing you to add additional practices or playing lessons to each program.  Whether your junior is picking up a club for the first time, competing in tournaments, trying to qualify for school teams, preparing for a collegiate career, or just wants to make some new friends while having some fun, we have a program designed to fit your juniors needs.


Beginner Skill Levels Ages 7-17

The SGA Jr. program is designed with an emphasis on skill development for players learning to playing the game.  The SGA Jr. training program offers 1 Hour Practices, once or twice a week and 9 Hole Play-Day Competitions each week.  Practices will focus on proper principles in a laid back, fun and friendly environment, led by SGA instructors.  



Intermediate Skill Levels Ages 10-17

The Competitive Program is the next step for players wanting to shoot lower scores. The COMPETITIVE Jr. training program offers 2 Hour Team Practices, once or twice a week and 9 Hole Play-Day Competitions each week.   The Competitive Jr. curriculum is taught by Brandon Smart, former Tour Pro and Indiana State Match Play Champion. This specialized program focuses on proper swing mechanics, short game skill development, and putting efficiency. Students in this program will learn what to practice, why they're practicing it, and how to practice more efficiently on the road to improvement.  We are continuously upgrading our SGA Jr. players to this program as their skill sets improve.



Intermediate/Advanced Skill Levels Ages 10-17

The Competitive+ Program is a specialized, intensive program for players in search of unleashing their true potential.  This training program offers 2 Hour Team Practices, once or twice a week and 18 Hole Play-Day Competitions each week.  This program also offers (2) Two Hour Private On-Course Playing Lessons with by Brandon Smart, only available in the Competitive+ program. Each 2 Hour Private Playing lesson Brandon will help players overcome their weaknesses and harness their strengths through on course situations to card lower scores. This training program is focused on proper swing mechanics, short game skill development, on course strategies and putting efficiency.  Junior golfers looking to make their middle school team, high school or in pursuit of a collegiate golf career, Brandon Smart will guide them through reaching their full potential. 


All Skill Levels Ages 5-17 - $60

For all of our new students, we suggest a 60 minutes 1-on-1 skill assessment with one of our SGA instructors that will walk parents through the process ahead.  Every student is different and our goal is not only to get each student into a class with similar age groups and skill levels.  

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